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A New Approach

  • Design engineers that speak your language

  • Metrology grade 3D scanning & reverse engineering

  • Cutting edge & flexible 3D printing technology

  • Wide variety of materials & colors including carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass

  • Concept to design to production in days

  • Eliminate expense and delays of injection molding

  • Print only what you need (reduce or eliminate inventory)

  • Avoid costly overseas tariffs & hidden import fees

       Reduce Time to Market
With additive manufacturing, there is no need for injection molds or stamps, so the prototype we produce can serve as the final production part. This unique process is referred to as "Protoduction." It eliminates the need for separate prototype and production stages, with the resulting part being virtually identical to the final product. This approach can significantly reduce the design process timeline, taking it from years to months, which translates to earlier sales and faster return on investment for your project.
Eliminate Outdated Manufacturing
Injection molds are expensive. The problem is when have a mold built you have to stick to the design of the mold even though there is a design that could better meet our customers' needs. Now you don’t need molds. You don't need minimum runs. Setup time is nothing compared to molds. We have invested in the equipment to produce these parts so you don’t have to.
        Reduce Excess Inventory
We can use additive manufacturing technology to produce the exact quantity you need. With this approach, there are no minimum production runs, and we can easily increase production capacity as your needs grow. Additionally, the lack of minimum runs eliminates the need for extensive part storage, resulting in more inventory turns per year due to reduced storage requirements.
     Transfer Production to the USA
When it comes to overseas production, you face lengthy lead times of several months before the product reaches your doorstep. Additionally, most cases require that you prepay for the inventory, which means your money is locked into the inventory six months before you see any returns. In today's climate of increasing tariffs and a breakdown in overseas relationships, this approach is unsustainable. Instead, we offer onshore production services, producing the parts you need right here in the USA, as and when you require them. Take control of your cash flow and remain agile in an unpredictable environment.
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