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3D Design

Genesis3D has engineers on staff with years of experience and the most cutting edge software to accommodate our customers needs. Whether the source is from an existing item that is scanned or needs to built from scratch, our 3D design service facilitates fast 3D modeling of complex, highly-detailed, organic shapes, prototyping or manufacturing.

IMG_1509 2.jpg

Customer needed a replacement corner connector for discontinued 
swimming pool liner

IMG_1510 2.jpg

We designed and printed a replacement part that saved thousands of dollars

IMG_1507 2.jpg

Customer needed a miniature
key chain for
Black Friday 

IMG_1508 2.jpg

Designed and
3D printed
within 3 days

IMG_1513 2.jpg
IMG_1514 2.jpg

Inventor needed a working prototype  for patent review and project funding

Designed and 3D printed prototype that led to successful patent & full production

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