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Metrology Grade Scanning Services

Transform your prototype or model into a format that can be digitally modified and enhanced. Take advantage of our comprehensive online and onsite scanning services. Produce 3D versions of your product in multiple formats and materials.



We are experts in all stages of bringing a product to market—from inception through conception and engineering design to product development. From simple 3D scanning tasks to complex development projects, we provide:


  • Cutting-edge technology and expertise

  • Highest quality at an accelerated pace

  • Development of new technologies, new projects, new angles, and new niches that help you surpass your competitors


Reverse engineering is a process that involves measuring a physical object and reconstructing it as a 3D model to recover the design intent—a perfect reconstruction of the original design—in terms of simple analytical surfaces (planes, cylinders, etc.) and freeform surfaces (NURBS) in order to produce a new reference CAD model.

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